iTunes Gift Card 100 $ (USA) (real card)

$120.00 $119.00

iTunes Gift Card 100 $ (USA) (real card)


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We sell codes only from real cards, which not block. We don´t sell online bought codes. By request we can send photo of cards for any code, which you bought from us.

only here once bought a card itunes 100 usd code you get a permanent 10% discount on all subsequent items in category itunes, further at any time all the products in this category will be for you to go with a 10% discount by buying goods at $200 discount will already be 15%

Or if the goods without the discount, the price is right $92 for 100 usd iTunes card code.

Code card iTunes gift card $ 100

In the US segment of the Itunes Store (USA) is the wide range of programs for Iphone, Ipod Touch, as well as a wide range of music, movies and games. All this in the Itunes Store USA releases come out earlier than in other countries. Therefore, these cards are very popular.

If you do not have an account in the area of USA, then you can open an account on the following steps:

1. Set your computer to the latest version of iTunes from the site
2. Open the program and go to the section – iTunes Store
3. Below select My Store – United States, because it is necessary that the card only works in a zone USA
4. In the upper-right corner, click Account> Create new account
5. When you create an account, use any US address, and the input data of the credit card is required. Use a purchased certificate to activate your account. It is recommended to indicate the state of Florida because of this state with no extra taxes when your purchases.

Furthermore, if you already have an account with iTunes Store USA, then activate the purchased code can take the following steps
1. Set your computer to the latest version of iTunes from the site (if not already installed)
2. Open the program and go to the section – iTunes Store
3. Right to press Redeem
4. Enter the code and press bought Redeem.
5. Confirm your username and password.

Acts very profitable discounts after purchase iTunes Gift Card code of any value from us, you will immediately receive a discount on all of our products in the category of iTunes Gift Card 5%. After purchasing this code, the following other items of any value iTunes you´ll get a discount of at least 10%. Other sellers are practically no such discounts, we strive to be the best.

We sell codes from the cards, where only the code is visible. The photo can not see the serial number and other inscriptions. We do not provide receipts for purchasing cards.
After July 2016 apple can block accounts for various reasons, if you are blocked, it does not mean that the lock was due to the illegality of our code.

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