Angie Batis Durrant's Family Apartment in Illovo.

With an eye for beauty and creative flair, Angie Batis Durrant, renowned art director, photgrapher and lifestyle blogger of Lucky Pony recently renovated their family home. Knowing her to be a person who throws her heart and her soul into everything she does, we were absolutely intrigued to see her reno that has an interesting little twist to it. What was once a decrepit looking place, she has transformed into the most trendy living space for her lovely family scattered with quirky ceramics and pretty plants.

"We moved into this flat about 8 years ago, we tried to buy it when it first went onto the market. It was owned by a little old lady that had a very weird obsession with odd wallpaper haha! We landed up not getting it the first time around, but then a year later it was ours as the new owners were immigrating."
The Sunroom
"What was once the wardrobe in our bedroom became part of our bathroom, the kitchen we turned in the 4th bedroom, the TV room into a massive kitchen and the dining room into the TV room.
The Study
The old, dusty abandoned storeroom above our flat has just recently become a small study as well as a second living room which leads out onto our own private (soon-to-be) rooftop garden. I think the original owner would not recognise it at all :)"
Any tips for families taking on a renovation?
"If you're doing a big reno then try to get out of the house while the messy stuff is being done, like the bashing of walls, installing of a new kitchen, bathrooms, etc. If you are doing a small renovation, then try to get involved where you can, it's awesome seeing your space change around you knowing that you physically had a hand in making it happen."
Where’s your favourite spot in the apartment?
"I love our whole apartment! I honestly can't choose! But if I had to, I'd say it's a toss-up between our new kitchen, which we spend a lot of time in, and the new upstairs living area." 
Upstairs Living Area
Angie's bed is dressed in Shepherd Store's duvet in Nude and pillowslips in Navy Pinstripes.
I absolutely love bedding, we have about 9 different duvet sets! 10 now with the addition of our new Shepherd Store linen (swoon). I love how bedding can transform your room and completely change the feel of it without having to do much of anything else! It's like a mini-makeover every time it gets changed :) 
Unlucky Ceramics by Angie Batis Durrant
"I absolutely love ceramics, always have. I used to collect ceramic animals, in fact, I have over 150 of them stored away in boxes :) Nuts, I know! But I used to love going out to antique stores and secondhand stores and finding them. That's where my love for ceramics started, I think. I also have a small obsession for crockery and beautiful glasses etc (by this point you may or may not have noticed I have a few obsessions haha!) Anyway, often I'd see stuff online that I wish was available here, but wasn't, then I started thinking to myself, hell I'm going to start making my own ceramics, because why not! And so I started pottery lessons and from there Unlucky Ceramics was born :) Not sure anything will come of it other than my ceramic collection growing bigger, but I love doing it! Such a cool hobby."